CP Industries

Since 1897, CP Industries has been the world leader in the manufacturing and production of large seamless pressure vessels. Combining modern steel technologies with a long-standing tradition in forging and craftsmanship, CP Industries manufactures seamless pressure vessels that provide a reliable, proficient means of containing and transporting compressed gases under a wide range of conditions.

A division of CP Industries Holdings, Inc., CP Industries serves domestic and international markets including aerospace, chemical processing, construction, food production, industrial controls, medicine, nuclear power propulsion systems, oil and gas exploration and production, rescue equipment, transportation, undersea exploration and natural gas vehicles.

Our product line includes tubes manufactured to ASME Section VIII specifications and DOT specifications 3AAX, 3T and 3AA (ton tanks or y-cylinders with or without polished ID). CP Industries manufactures to international specifications such as Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and, Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED) for Europe, Special Equipment Licensing Office, People’s Republic of China (SELO), Korean Gas Safety Corporation (KGSC) and Transport Canada Permit for Equivalent Level of Safety SU 9987 (TC). Our vessels can also be manufactured in accordance with ISO 11120 specifications for embrittling and non-embrittling gas service and MIL-F-22606 for use on government property or equipment.