Kairys joins CP Industries as VP of Sales and Marketing

“Kairys joins CP Industries as VP of Sales and Marketing”

CP Industries has announced the hiring of industry veteran Tom Kairys as their new Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Kairys brings a wealth of relevant industry experience to the role having  served in sales leadership roles within the industrial gas market segment.  Tom will oversee all sales operations and marketing activities with an enhanced focus on CPI’s overall product portfolio and commercial capabilities. “I am really excited to join the team at CP Industries.  Our diverse product line and our ability to deliver products tailored to the customer ’s needs that ultimately will help enhance their business will provide CPI with sustainable growth for years to come.  We are in a really good spot and future looks very bright ” Kairys says.

Michael Larsen, President of CPI, commented, “ Tom is bringing unparalleled industry experience to CPI that will help us execute the company’s long term strategic sales plan.“In manufacturing seamless pressure vessels, CP Industries combines modern steel technologies with more than a century of tradition in forging and craftsmanship. The resulting vessels provide you with an ideal means of containing and transporting compressed gases under a wide range of conditions in domestic and international markets. Customers choose CP Industries, established in 1897, because we offer them decades of industry knowledge as well as a level of quality and service — with an eye always toward safety and economy — that is unequaled in our field.
CPI vessels are designed to meet various specifications and certifications for use worldwide for both transportation and stationary storage applications. Domestic and international markets include aerospace, chemical processing, construction, food production, industrial controls, medicine, rescue equipment, transportation and oil and gas production and exploration.Custom tube configurations for specific service pressure and payloads are available. We can provide you with cost effective and reliable solutions of containing and transporting industrial gases and alternative fuel gas like compressed hydrogen and CNG that meet all of your ground storage and gas distribution needs.
CPI also offers Type I and Type IV storage tanks that are tested and qualified in accordance with ANSI/ NGV2 (2007) and are FMVSS 304 compliant. Additionally, the Type I cylinders can be manufactured to specific country or international standards including ISO 11439, ECE R 100, NZ 5454, ISO 4705 D, EN 1964, IS 15490, DOT, ASME and ISO 11120. CPI’s Type I and Type IV tanks are ideal for use in a variety of vehicle applications such as CNG powered automobiles, public transit, refuse and light, medium and heavy-duty trucks. Our cylinders provide a high volume to weight ratio, while maintaining high durability and keeping safe operation of utmost concern.