All CP Industries’ pressure vessels are registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels, which provides a national registry for vessels installed throughout the country.

The majority of U.S. states have laws requiring the use of pressure vessels designed to the ASME Code for stationary storage applications.

  • Division 1 is the most commonly used division and contains rules for the basic design of unfired pressure vessels.
  • Division 2 contains alternative rules for the design of more complicated or specialized vessel designs.
  • Division 3 contains rules specific to the design of vessels for pressures above 10,000 psi.

The vast majority of CP Industries’ pressure vessels for stationary ground storage are manufactured to Appendix 22 of Division 1. Appendix 22 contains special provisions that permit higher allowable stresses to be used for seamless forged vessel designs in comparison to the standard ASME vessel construction.

The seamless pressure vessels designed to the ASME Code are suitable for most common gases (air, argon, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and natural gas), as well as for high-pressured fluid services and other specialized high-pressure applications. The ASME Code is an internationally recognized standard that is accepted in countries around the world.

For applications requiring multiple vessels to meet storage volume requirements, CP Industries can provide complete finished multi-vessel assemblies complete with the necessary valves and interconnect piping manifolds. A Typical ASME unit can be seen by clicking here.