CP Industries designs and manufactures a full line of high-quality modules (MEGCs) and tube trailers for the transportation of compressed and liquefied gases.

Designs are optimized to provide the maximum amount of payload using the most cost-effective, reliable solution. Modules and tube trailers comply with the exacting regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), and each vessel is tested and inspected with a final hydrostatic test to 5/3 times the design service pressure. The DOT regulations are also recognized and accepted in many parts of the world where CP Industries conducts business, including South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.


Our MEGCs, or multiple-element gas containers, offer a durable construction that permits stacking, loading on a container chassis and cost effective ocean shipping to international markets. The construction of these modules involves mounting vessels in a shipping-type ISO/ABS container frame. All of the frames are manufactured to comply with IMDG, US DOT and UN rules and regulations.


Our tube trailers are constructed to provide maximum payload possible while still complying with local bridge laws to ensure safety and reliability. They can be manufactured to meet all applicable regulations, such as CGA, US DOT and Transport Canada. Additionally, the tube trailers can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements.