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CP Industries is the world leader in the manufacturing of large seamless steel pressure vessels for high-pressured gases.

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Combining modern steel technologies with a long-standing tradition in forging and craftsmanship, CP Industries manufactures seamless pressure vessels that provide proficient means of containing and transporting compressed gases under a wide range of conditions in the domestic and international markets. With more than 115 years of experience, CP Industries brings to our customers decades of industry knowledge and a level of reliability, expertise and service with an eye toward safety and economy that is without equal in our field.


CP Industries is a world leader in the manufacture of seamless pressure vessels. Safety and Quality is the focus of our entire team in providing reliable products to the markets. CP Industries has the engineering, quality and craftsmanship to provide reliable gas storage solutions.

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CP Industries is exhibiting at the North America's largest clean fleet event, the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo 2016. This year's event...

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